Illvanno is an artist from Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and has been a fan of the Masters of the Universe since early childhood. Since the beginning of the 80s he has been following the adventures of Prince Adam with great passion, who can transform himself into the strongest of the strong with the help of Grayskull's magical powers. Having lived on Eternia since childhood, he began drawing intensively again a little over 2 years ago after a long break. Since then, things have been bubbling on the drawing board and many ideas are waiting for their time.

Netzroc has been painting and drawing since she could hold a pen. As an only child, the ink box was always nearby. Sometime in the 90s she discovered the digital world and started working with CorelDraw. A few years later she discovered Photoshop as her drawing program and has been tackling every challenge ever since. In addition to digital work, traditional drawing with pencil or ink is just as important to her. Today she works semi-professionally as a commissioned artist alongside her main job.

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